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  Hope: the child within us

In the tapestry of the human experience, hope stands as a radiant thread, weaving its way through the fabric of our lives. It is a force that transcends challenges, and it is a forever flowing force propeling us toward the future not away from it. Hope is resilient always reevaluating, recalculating, reaffirming.

Hope is the ember that continues to glow. It embodies resilience, reminding us that even in the face of a disability, there exists the potential for positive change and growth. It is the unwavering belief that tomorrow can be better than today, propelling individuals and communities towards a brighter future.

Hope is has power and perspective, it is an active force that shapes our attitudes and influences our actions. Through the lens of hope, challenges become opportunities, setbacks become stepping stones, and difficulties become catalysts for personal and collective transformation. It is a mindset that fosters creativity, positivism, and the courage to reach beyond.

Hope is tangeable, it is not elusive but palpable. Hope is both unseeable and foreseeable. Hope has dimension and takes up space within us. Hope contains within its' essesence a child's laugh, a child's smile and is cloaked in a child's optimism.

Hope is a spark within us, the ever echoing sound within the deepest parts of our being that reminds us tomorrow can be better than today, fear can become motivating not incapacitating, and strength is defined by who not what we are.

Hope is a parent, a teacher and a friend reminding us to believe we can...

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